The Lunar Chronicles Fancast!

I’ve never done a fancast before but I just loved The Lunar Chronicles and I needed to fancast them.

Lisa MorganCinder: Whenever I thought about what Cinder I’ve always thought that she would be played by Lindsey Morgan, her character on The 100 is similar to Cinder. If there is ever a movie made I hope she would be cast as Cinder.

mario maurer

Kai: Mario Maurer fits as Prince Kai perfectly, just as I imagined him, I doubt that will ever happen but one can dream. One other person I think that might make a good Kai is Harry Shum J.R, Mario is the first person I thought of but they both could work for me.


Scarlet: For me Scarlet was the hardest to cast, the others I had some ideas but for Scarlet I had non. I had to scour the internet for someone and I came up with Rachel Hurd-Wood. In the photo that I found she does look like she could play Scarlet, though I’m not sure that I’m sold on this one.

Marlon Teixeira

Wolf: I had a easier time casting Wolf than I did Scarlet, for Wolfe I choose Marlon Teixeira, I don’t know much about him but I feel like he is the physical embodiment of Wolf.


Cress: Olivia Holt I think would be a great Cress, I think she fits the character physically. I don’t know if she would be the best person to play Cress but she is the best person I could find at the moment.


Thorne: Theo James is perfect for the role of Thorne, he looks just like I imagined him, and I think that Theo James would be great in this role.

Alexandra Menz

Winter: Alexandra Metz would make a great Winter, she just got that sweetness to her look that Winter has.

Austen Butler

Jacien: Austen Butler looks like Jacien to me, when I was reading both Cress and Winter he was who I was picturing.


Iko: And finally Keke Palmer as Iko, tell me she doesn’t look like Iko. The only other person that I considered for Iko is China Ann McClain with her blue hair from Descendants 2.

Here is my fancast for The Lunar Chronicles, what do you think about my cast, who would you choose? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for new content each week.

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