Fall Activities Book Tag!

Fall Activities Book Tag

Yes Fall is almost over but I still wanted to do the Fall Activities Book Tag before Winter starts, so I wanted to post this before then. Many of the questions I feel are a little Halloween themed but I’m just going to ignore that and enjoy this tag.

Apple Picking #1


This is a recent addition to my TBR and I think the concept sounds so interesting but I really want to read Heartless first (which is also on my TBR) I’m going to wait.

Corn Maze #2


Something about this book for me was so entertaining and fun to read, I easily got lost in this book and the rest of the series.

Haunted House #3

I don’t actually have an answer for this one because I don’t think that I’ve ever read a book that scared me.

Pumpkin Patch #4

The Beauty of Us

The last physical book that I bought was Renegades but since I used that for another one I decided to go with my most recent e-book purchase. I have already read this book but since I’ve been in the mood for Kristen Proby I decided to reread this series, I barrowed books two and three from Overdrive but this one had a long wait time so I decided to buy it so I can read it now.

Scene Drives #5


This book just has such beautiful writing, this is honestly the only book I could have chosen for this, and the story matches the writing.

Drinking Apple Cider #6

Easy Kisses

I choose this because I love the romance in this book was just so beautiful and I think that Simon treats Charly so sweetly, he’s always running her baths and planning romantic dinners, this is the first book that I thought of.

Jumping in a Leaf Pile #7

Dinasaurs Before Dawn

This is one of my favorite series from when I was a child, this is one of the earliest book series I can remember reading.

Scary Movie Night #8

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculair Children

This is the closest book that I would consider spooky, once again I don’t read spooky or scary books so I don’t have many books to choose on. This book includes vintage photos that are tied into the story and I feel like it ups the spooky factor in a good way.

Bonus Costume Party #9


I choose the last book in the series because I feel that it’s shows all of the characters better than the other books because there all introduced in different and Winter and Jace weren’t showcased well in Cress.



5 thoughts on “Fall Activities Book Tag!

  1. I still have not even started the Lunar Chronicles 🙈 Wow, you’ve made me excited again for The Wrath and the Dawn. Plus, I really wanna read Renegades soon 🙂
    I also don’t read or have any scary books hahahah
    Great list, Caila!


    1. I had started The Lunar Chronicles last year but only got a few pages in and I came back to read it earlier this year and I loved it. To me it’s a series that in my opinion got better with each book.
      The Wrath & the Dawn is one of my all time favorite books, and I cannot wait to read Renee Ahdieh’s new book. I hope you read and enjoy all of these books soon.

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  2. Renegade was an amazing book! It’s so good can’t wait till you read it. I agree with Winter being full of eclectic cast. I love each of them so much. They are each so different in their own way and so much fun to read out. I don’t read scary books either! I tried to read It over Halloween got a quarter though it and freaked myself out. So they are a no go for me. Love all your answer and wonderful post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I read an excrept for Renegades and it made me really excited to read it but I want to read Heartless first. I have some mystery novels and the Miss Peregrine’s series is about all I have for scary books.

      Liked by 1 person

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