Review Policy

General Information

I am currently accepting select Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Adult books for review.  For review inquiries, you may send emails to or you may complete the contact form below.

accept print ARCS and e-books (only in an .epub or .pdf format).  If the book is part of a series, I may need the previous books.

I am also accepting audiobooks and/or self published/indie books.


accept the following genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
  • Historical

I am not accepting the following genres:

  • Horror
  • Poetry
  • Political
  • Religious

Accepting Books

I guarantee that I will write a review for a book that I accept for review.

I will try my best to read and review a book as soon as I can.  If there is a specific date that you would like me to review a book, please let me know and I will do my best to get it up by the date that you would like the review to be posted.  If not, I could take some time to post a review.  I prefer to have at least one or two months  to review a book.


I will post a review on my Blog, and on my Goodreads with links on both my Twitter and Tumblr accounts to one of these post.  I write my reviews in a casual and relaxed manner rather than a formal literary critique.

I will write a fair and honest review.  Therefore, my reviews will not always be positive reviews.  If I do not enjoy a book, I will explain why I did not enjoy it.  I will not simply just say that I didn’t like it and not explain why.  The same goes for if I do not want to finish a book that I have received for review.  I will also state that I did not finish the book and what page I stopped reading.

Review Structure

All reviews will include the following:

  • Title & Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication
  • Format & page count
  • Genre
  • Rating
  • Synopsis
  • Review

Star Rating:

★★★★★ [5/5]- I absolutely loved this book! I found it to be memorable and amazing. \
★★★★ [4/5]- I really enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to a friend!
★★★ [3/5]- This book was pretty good but I felt that there was something missing.
★★ [2/5]- This book was simply okay. but there were many flaws.
★ [1/5] – I did not enjoy this book and I couldn’t finish it

Note: I do use half stars (not including one and a half since used for DNF’d books) when I feel like I need to be more specific on my rating if I feel it’s between.


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